La Rosciola

The La Rosciola farm, located on the hills of San Vito Romano in the province of Rome, produces extra virgin olive oil from a particular variety of native olive trees of the San Vito area.

Rosciolais in fact the name of the native trees that recalls the reddish color of the olives produced. But our olive groves also include other varieties of centuries-old olive trees with different characteristics.

The result is an extra virgin olive oil with a unique and ancient flavor produced for centuries on the eastern offshoots of the Prenestini Mountains at 700 meters above sea level.

Tradition, innovation and passion for the products of nature and the territory are the principles underlying the philosophy of our oil farm.

On the one hand, the family management of the company and a system of cultivation of olive trees on terraced land that favors the drainage of water and creates the ideal conditions for the olives to ripen with the right amount of water and organoleptic principles.

On the other hand, the choice of producing a quality olive oil also with the technical support of agronomists and other professionals in order to follow each of the individual stages of olive oil production:

┬╗Olive harvest time
┬╗Extraction of extra virgin olive oil
┬╗Storage of extra virgin olive oil

Only with the care of these three stages of oil production, together with the cultivation method respectful of the territory and the family business philosophy of our oil mill can we bring to your tables a unique, clear and fragrant oil that tastes of nature: oil La Rosciola extra virgin olive oil.

Our extra virgin olive oil

The extra virgin olive oil produced on our farm in San Vito Romano, in the province of Rome, is the result of an ancient wisdom supported by cutting-edge extraction and conservation methods.

Recognitions and titles obtained

Recognitions and titles obtained
Awards obtained by our oils at national and international competitions, guarantee of product quality

Organoleptic characteristics

The mature fruity oil, spicy of medium intensity with an aromatic profile characterized by hints of grass, almond and artichoke. It has a high content of polyphenols. The minimum ratio of unsaturated / saturated fatty acids and the oleic acid content result in an oil with high fluidity

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